woman%20lean%20in%20fat%20jeans.jpgPennino, LLC is dedicated to finding solutions to today's health problems. Obesity, both Adult Obesity and Childhood Obesity, is considered to be one of the greatest health epidemics of today and is expected to get worse in the future. Excess weight is affecting not only adults but children too and obesity now cuts across all socio-economic levels and demographics. In addition, obesity is considered by many medical experts to be a major factor in the leading causes of death from Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke and Cancer. Pennino is creating solutions to solve this global problem.

test%20tubes%20light%20blue.jpg We believe that in the future our compounds will counter the body's desire to store fat and instead burn those calories to create a stronger body with more lean mass. The future is exciting and Pennino is leading the way.

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